Total Knee Replacement

It's a highly successful operation which is offered to patients having severe arthritis of knee joints. It has a good track record of more than 35 years with millions of joints being successfully replaced worldwide. Patient selection with proper counseling regarding expectations and outcomes as well as good quality of implants and experienced surgical team ensures best results. However, all cases of Knee pain are not recommended TKR as good treatment is available with medical management as well with surgical treatment reserved for the most severe cases

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement involves replacement of socket as well as the femoral head and is offered for a variety of disorders like AVN, Hip arthritis, Neck Femur fractures, etc. Precise surgical technique along with proper implant selection as per patients age and morphology ensure excellent long term survival which may exceed 30 years as well

Fracture Surgery

With the fast pace modern lifestyle accidents are inevitable. As the number of senior citizens amongst us keep on rising, complex fractures due to osteoporosis are much more common than a few decades back. Fracture surgery in old patients ( >75 years) is challenging and demanding. However, with a multidisciplinary approach it can be made much more safe and rewarding so that the elderly can be made independent even after fractures.

Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries

Sports are part of our life and many therefore seek fitness as lifestyle, bone and joint injuries are common in sports, gym and marathoners. With proper evaluation, timely intervention, physiotherapy and when needed arthroscopy techniques can revert the injured back to normal

Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a pandemic of enormous proportion and millions around the world suffer from pain and disability due to it in form of vertebral (spine), hip and other fractures. The best treatment of Osteoporosis is prevention. A multi pronged strategy and proper follow up with X rays, MRI, DEXA scans, CT Scans, Blood tests go a long way in providing a roadmap to prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis

Spine clinic

It is said that every person will suffer from Back Pain some or the other time in their lifetime. With a sedentary lifestyle, long sitting hours in front of a computer screen and excessive mobile use puts a huge load on Cervical and Lumbar Spine and manifests as Neck pain, Back Pain, etc even in younger people. Almost all of the patients of back and neck pain do not require surgery and can be treated with medicines, exercises and physiotherapy. However, there in a tiny proportion of cases where surgery may be needed

Joint Pain and Arthritis Clinic

Multiple Joint pains can be disabling and can cripple a person from performing his or her day to day activities. All Joint pains are not Arthritis and even in Arthritis, all are not same. Clinical examination, blood investigation and Radiological examinations like Xrays complete the analysis of Joint Pains and proper treatment can be suggested as per. Vitamin D and B12 deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Menopause, Stress or Depression are also common causes of Multiple Joint Pain

Integrated Health Concept

Modern science and research has helped alleviate many problems and diseases, still questions remain unanswered. To solve problems arising out of modern lifestyle we need to integrate all the avenues of health, nutrition, fitness, yoga, mental wellbeing etc to have a long and healthy life free from diseases and ailments