Can Knee Surgery Cause Arthritis? How to Prevent Osteoarthritis After Knee Injury?

Can Knee Surgery Cause Arthritis

“Can knee surgery cause arthritis?” is a question often asked by patients concerned about the protentional risks & long term effects of undergoing knee surgery. However, to relieve pain & regain knee normal function in people with knee difficulties, knee surgery is a prominent approach.

But, concerns have been raised about the potential development of arthritis after knee surgery. Dr. Sameep Sohoni, a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon & Knee Replacement Surgeon in Thane, explains that while knee replacement surgery does not “get rid” of arthritis in the sense of curing the disease, it effectively alleviates its symptoms.

The damaged, arthritic portions of the knee joint are surgically removed & replaced with prosthetic components, thereby eliminating arthritis-related pain & rigidity. Read on to learn can knee surgery cause arthritis in detail.

Can Knee Surgery Cause Arthritis?

Patients concerned “can knee surgery cause arthritis?” No, arthritis is not caused by knee surgery. However, joint damage, inflammation, and abnormal joint biomechanics are all related to knee surgery and may raise the risk of future arthritis.

Knee surgery to treat meniscal tears may increase the risk of osteoarthritis and cartilage loss, according to data presented at the annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). All knees that underwent surgery developed arthritis, whereas 59% of knees with meniscal injury but no surgery developed arthritis. The research indicates that the decision to undergo surgery should be carefully considered to prevent accelerated disease progression.

Will a Knee Replacement Get Rid of Arthritis?

Wondering if will a knee replacement get rid of arthritis or can knee surgery cause arthritis? Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful treatments for advanced knee arthritis. This procedure entails removing & replacing damaged joint surfaces with artificial implants.

Although knee replacement surgery can substantially alleviate pain & increase function, it is essential to note that it does not completely eradicate arthritis. 

Arthritis is a chronic condition characterized by joint inflammation, & knee replacement surgery focuses on replacing the damaged joint surfaces rather than treating the disease itself. However, the procedure can provide arthritis patients with long-lasting relief & enhance their overall quality of life.

How to Prevent Osteoarthritis After Knee Injury?

After suffering a knee injury, many people worry about how to prevent osteoarthritis after knee injury in the joint, followed by can knee surgery cause arthritis. Well it may not be possible to prevent osteoarthritis completely, however, certain measures can help reduce the possibility of its development. These consist of the following:

  • Timely & adequately treating knee injuries
  • Engaging in appropriate rehabilitation & healthy body weight
  • Use of online sites like Reddit to share their personal arthritis after ACL surgery Reddit experiences for complete understanding of the topic.

ACL Arthritis Symptoms & Causes

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most important ligaments for knee joint stability. Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are common among athletes & can cause long-term complications, such as the development of knee arthritis.

ACL arthritis symptoms are chronic knee pain, swelling, instability, difficulty walking or climbing stairs, & reduced range of motion. However, the connection between ACL surgery & arthritis is not well-established. Several studies indicate that ACL reconstruction in arthritic knee surgery can prevent the progression of knee arthritis by restoring stability & decreasing the risk of further joint injury. 

However, it’s problematic if you still have knee pain 10 years after ACL surgery. Knee pain can result from various conditions, including arthritis, but it does not inherently indicate that the surgery caused it.

Inadequate rehabilitation, repeated injuries, or normal wear & tear are all potential causes of knee discomfort in those who have had ACL surgery. Consult an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Sameep Sohoni, joint replacement doctor in Thane, who can evaluate (diagnosed) your specific condition & recommend the most effective treatment.

Osteoarthritis After ACL Surgery

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, resulting from various causes, including knee injuries & surgical procedures. The association between ACL surgery & osteoarthritis is complex & multifactorial.

While ACL surgery aims to restore knee joint stability & prevent further injury, it does not completely eliminate the risk of developing osteoarthritis. The risk of osteoarthritis development influences variables such as the severity of the initial injury, surgical technique, postoperative rehabilitation, & individual medical history.

Preventing Arthritis After ACL Surgery

Although it may not be possible to prevent arthritis completely after ACL surgery, several measures can be taken to reduce or preventing arthritis after ACL surgery, such as:

Adhering to the Treatment Program:

  • Adhering to the complete rehabilitation program your orthopedic specialist Dr. Sameep, Knee Replacement Doctor in Thane, prescribes & wearing protective equipment during sports & other high-risk activities is essential for maximizing recovery
  • restoring knee function
  • minimizing the risk of further joint injury

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Reducing stress on the knee joint & decreasing the risk of developing arthritis may be accomplished through regular exercise
  • keeping a healthy body weight
  • using effective joint protection strategies

Follow-up with an Orthopedic Expert: 

  • Routine examinations & surveillance of the knee joint’s health can aid in the early detection of any potential problems & allow for prompt intervention.


Knee replacement surgery may increase the risk of developing arthritis. However, this is not always the case. Multiple factors influence the onset of arthritis, and each patient’s circumstance is unique. If you are considering knee surgery, discussed the risks and benefits with Dr. Sameep, Orthopedic Doctor in Thane, is important.

Dr. Sameep Sohoni – Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Thane

Dr. Sameep is the best hip & Knee Replacement Doctor in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The top choice if you’re looking for a joint replacement doctor in Thane. He has also conducted several camps & programs for screening of Arthritis, Osteoporosis, & Bone disorders & conducted many workshops for awareness about Bone & Joint Health in Thane City & District.

Although the relationship between ACL reconstruction in arthritic knee & arthritis is complex, it is essential to consult with Dr. Sameep, Orthopedic Doctor in Thane, to obtain accurate information, personalized advice, & the most effective treatment options.



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