How Arthritis can be Prevented? [Exercises to Prevent Arthritis]

How Arthritis Can Be Prevented

Do you have morning joint pain & stiffness? or struggling to handle jars or bottles owing to hand pain & walking or climbing stairs due to knee pain? Or do your wrists hurt when typing? 

Pain deep in the joint, difficulty gripping, limited range of motion, morning stiffness, & swelling, often a sign of arthritis. Arthritis is a prevalent condition affecting various body parts, primarily affecting major joints in the extremities like wrists, fingers, knees, hips, & ankles. This can cause daily restrictions & worry about future mobility. This may also potentially be due to gout, rheumatic, psoriatic, or weather-related issues.

Arthritis treatments include painkillers, ointments, physical therapy, or surgery. However, how to avoid arthritis naturally (complementary)? is it possible to? But how? Let’s learn arthritis prevention methods here. 

How Arthritis Can Be Prevented?

Mild to severe arthritic symptoms worsen over time. If you’re wondering “how to prevent arthritis at an early age?” start with this method of prevention, recommended by Dr. Sameep Sohoni, a renowned Orthopedic Doctor in Thane, include:

  • Diet

Your gut microbiome can help to prevent inflammation & arthritic pain. Arthritis prevention diets rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, seeds, nuts, & probiotics, like the Mediterranean diet, can alleviate arthritis pain. 

For example, anti-inflammatory rich foods like cherries, low-fat dairy, vitamin C, & more are beneficial to improve bone density, & cartilage protection. Supplements including MUFAs, vitamin D, omega-3s, fiber, and curcumin can also help arthritis symptoms.

  • Exercise

For arthritis prevention, Dr. Sameep recommends 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week to maintain joint mobility while strengthening muscles. Exercises to prevent arthritis includes walking, housework, or playing with kids & dogs. 

For best results, exercise consistently & alter exercise difficulty based on age & fitness can help prevent joint injuries in osteoarthritis patients.

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  • Heat/Cold Therapy

Heat & cold therapy increase blood circulation & reduce joint stiffness, relieving joint pain. How to prevent arthritis in hands or fingers? One technique is to soak them in warm water for 20 minutes or use an ice pack or cold gel pack for 15–20 minutes.

  • Weight Management

Maintaining weight is crucial as it puts stress on knees & hips, causing cartilage degradation. Fat cells release cytokines, causing inflammation & cartilage degradation. As weight increases, the body produces more cytokines, accelerating the degradation of irreplaceable cartilage.

  • Other Preventive Measures

Preventive measures for arthritis include quitting bad habits (drinking, smoking or eating unhealthy foods, stress management, joint protection, medication management, injury prevention, & physical therapy.

  • Regular check-ups 

Regular examinations & testing are necessary for the “how arthritis can be prevented” strategy to be effective and for the early detection of the causes and prevention of arthritis. If arthritis is detected early, physical therapy & braces can help. Also, certain types of arthritis, plus diabetes & heart disease, require a precise diagnosis & therapy from time to time.

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Dr. Sameep Sohoni – Best Orthopedic Doctor For Arthritis Prevention & Treatment

Arthritis is a progressive condition & the more time before treatment begins, the more damage can occur to the joint. Therefore, consult Dr. Sameep now.

Dr. Sameep Sohoni is a well-known joint replacement surgeon in Thane, with 12,000+ patients & 12 years of experience. His specialties include hip & knee replacements, robotic procedures, bone & joint issues, sports injuries, & arthritis.

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What are the good vitamins to prevent arthritis in hands?

Vitamins D & K are crucial for bone strength & cartilage structure. Taking supplements under Dr. Sameep’s supervision can help if deficient.

How to prevent arthritis in fingers?

Arthritis in fingers can be managed through hand exercises, anti-inflammatory drugs, heat or cold application, splints, prescription medication, physical therapy, or surgery (in advanced cases).


Arthritis is a common condition affecting major joints with various types & risks. Preventive measures reduce risk, but family history cannot be modified. Consultation with Dr. Sameep is essential for personalized treatment plan.


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