Signs You Need Knee Surgery: From A Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

Signs You Need Knee Surgery

Knee pain and stiffness are common problems these days. But when do you know that you may need to undergo knee replacement surgery? It is important to know the signs you need knee surgery. But don’t panic! Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful procedures when performed by a renowned knee replacement surgeon.

In this blog, Dr. Sameep Sohoni one of Mumbai’s most experienced knee surgeons with a world-wide reputation for excellence in knee surgery, explains how to identify the signs you need knee surgery.

What Are the First Signs of Needing a Knee Replacement?

 How do you know if you need a knee replacement? Mentioned below are indications:

  • Excessive pain in the knee and the adjacent area, affecting your daily activities
  • Knee pain is there, even when you are resting
  • Knee inflammation that no longer reacts to medications
  • Knee stiffness
  • Bowing out of the leg
  • Insistent loss of motion
  • Helplessness to squat
  • Difficul bearing your weight on your knee
  • Hearing some kind of sound or a pop when you turn or twist a certain way

Waiting too long to get a knee replacement after getting the first signs can cause you to live with unnecessary pain, according to a well-reputed  knee replacement surgeon in Thane. Consult a knee replacement doctor at the very initial stage.

Signs You Need Knee Surgery: Steps to Take

Generally, people try home remedies, try pain relief medications, stop regular physical activities for relief. Chronic knee pain can happen for a number of reasons. Ignoring the signs could be hazardous. If you experience the indications mentioned above, consult a knee replacement doctor in Thane at your earliest.

Looking to know where is the pain if you need a knee replacement?

Where You Feel Pain If Your Knee Demands Replacement?

 If you need a knee replacement, your knee gives you pain, stiffness, instability or loss of function that affects your daily life and activities.

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Does your Whole Leg Hurt When you Need a Knee Replacement?

Generally, yes. However, the pain is excessive around the knee joint.

Can an MRI show if you need a Knee Replacement?

A knee MRI may offer additional information about the soft tissues and tendons around your knee.

What is the best age to have a knee replacement?

While the majority of knee replacements are performed on people aged between 50 to 80, there is no age limit as such. Some surgeons have mentioned that 60 to 65 years is the ideal age group to have a knee replacement.

Can an x ray show if you need a knee replacement?

An x-ray can help an orthopedic surgeon with information about the damage to bone, cartilage, and joints.

Do You Need a Knee Replacement If You are Bone on bone?

Yes, if you have bone-on-bone knee pain due to advanced osteoarthritis, your knee replacement doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery.


Knee pain can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Anyone who is experiencing signs that they need knee surgery should see a knee replacement surgeon. Book an appointment with Dr. Sameep Sohoni. The knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai will ask about the signs, perform a physical examination, and may also suggest imaging tests such as an X-ray or MRI scan. After identifying the cause, he would suggest treatment options.

Appropriate treatment may help you avoid a sudden or short-term knee problem from becoming long-term, or lingering.

Experiencing the signs you need knee surgery? Book an appointment with Dr. Sameep Sohoni. Call at 8097555941.

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