Key Features of Robot System Used By Dr. Sameep for Artificial Joint Surgery

Key Features of Robot System Used By Dr. Sameep For Artificial Joint Surgery

What are the advantages and disadvantages of robotic knee replacement surgery? What are the benefits of robotic surgery, and what risks does it entail? These are some of the questions that people often ask when they are thinking about robotic surgery for joint replacement. 

Robotic surgery, a seemingly science-fictional concept, is now a reality in the medical field. But what is robotic surgery? Robotic surgery is a modern medical procedure that employs robotic systems to assist surgeons with intricate procedures. Simply stated, it is a method in which surgeons use a computer to control small instruments attached to a robot. Knee and hip replacements are the most common robotic surgery procedures that Dr. Sameep Sohoni performs. 

Let’s examine the key features of robot system used by Dr. Sameep for artificial joint surgery, a technique that is revolutionizing the field of orthopedics. 

Key Features of Robot System Used By Dr. Sameep for Artificial Joint Surgery

Dr. Sameep Sohoni, a robotic joint replacement doctor in Mumbai, pioneered robotic surgery. But what types of robotic knee replacement procedures does he perform? He uses the robotic system to perform partial and total joint replacements. Which one to choose depends on the patient’s joint injury. 

Dr. Sameep’s artificial joint surgery robot system’s key features are as follows:

Personalized Pre-Planning

Personalized pre-planning powers Dr. Sameep’s Joint Robot System. None of the anatomical structures of two individuals are identical. This robotic technology uses 3D CT-based surgical planning to provide a detailed joint configuration blueprint of the patient. This personalized pre-planning allows Dr. Sohoni to adjust the surgical approach to the patient’s demands, guaranteeing optimum implant location & alignment.

Precise Cutting & Placement

Precision cutting & implant insertion are Dr. Sameep’s Joint Robot System’s key strengths. The system features entirely automatic cutting (milling) capabilities, removing the need for conventional cutting guidance. This level of automation allows for surgical precision measured in submillimeters, ensuring that the artificial joint is positioned with impeccable accuracy. The resulting improved fit & alignment contribute to enhanced long-term outcomes.

User-Friendly Design & Safety Features

Dr. Sameep’s Joint Robot System prioritizes patient safety during every medical procedure. The Joint Robot System has real-time monitoring, emergency stop, & robotic arm manual guidance. This comprehensive safety net enables surgeons to confidently conduct procedures while prioritizing patient welfare. Moreover, the system’s user-friendly design promotes surgical team efficiency & safety.

Detection & tracking accuracy

This principle is strictly enforced by the Joint Robot System’s precise detection & tracking mechanisms. The Optical Tracking System (OTS) incorporated into the system ensures surgical instrument tracking in real-time. This increased level of precision helps the surgeon maintain optimal implant positioning & alignment throughout the procedure.

Mobility & Adaptability

Dr. Sameep’s Joint Robot System’s 6-axis articulated robot offers a large operating area & unparalleled mobility. This feature enables surgeons to traverse intricate joint structures with dexterity, allowing them to achieve the intended results with exceptional delicacy. The system’s mobility improves the surgical experience & contributes to better patient outcomes.


Is robotic arm-assisted arthroplasty the new norm? Yes, the use of the Joint Robot System in artificial joint surgery by Dr. Sameep Sohoni is a major step forward in orthopedics. Advances in robotic surgery show great potential for enhanced medical operations, with careful safety precautions to mitigate the risks of robotic surgery.

Dr. Sameep Sohoni – The Best Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Sameep Sohoni, a renowned Orthopedic Doctor in Thane, is highly skilled in robotic knee replacement surgery, which ensures exceptional results and patient satisfaction. He specializes in robotic joint replacement, fracture surgery, bone & joint problems, sports injuries, and arthritis therapy. He has more than 12,000 patients and 12 years of expertise, making him the most prominent orthopedic doctor.

Consult with Dr. Sameep Sohoni, the best robotic joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai, about robotic surgery if you have a medical condition that could benefit from minimally invasive precision. Get key features of robot system used by Dr. Sameep for artificial joint surgery by scheduling an appointment.


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